Sunday, October 2, 2011


Almost 2 months since my last post, already??  I'm finding this blogging thing to be rather difficult. However, I post more to my Facebook, Twitter (Bday_Sutera), and Tumblr (birthdaysutera) if you're that interested in keeping up with my general thoughts.
In creative news, I've been brainstorming and sketching for a painting idea that came to me. I'll post it here and likely on my tumblr once I have something to show!

Wednesday, August 3, 2011


So this has no direct correlation to gaming/technology/etc but I wanted to write it down anyway.
Ever get the feeling you can change the world? That you're supposed to? I'm torn because for years now I've dismissed such grandiose ideas as the fantasy of the naive. I mean, how many people have the means to make a noteworthy impact, especially someone like me who spends so much time with computers. On the other hand- maybe it's the artist in me- I feel the most rewarding way to live life, to find satisfaction, is to really leave your mark.
So what does that mean? Am I to set goals to become a Picasso or the digital equivalent? Should I be volunteering more? Maybe I should just find a friend that seems to be going places, and keep them happily inebriated so they don't get too stressed out while changing the world.
Gaming and art are great- fun, complex, inspirational. They've been a part of human culture for centuries, and are both things I thoroughly enjoy. Unfortunately they're not the easiest medium with which to improve the value of life.
Already 24, I have a lot of work ahead of me.

Anyway, this was just a post I thought I'd get down so I can edit as things come to me, and remind myself that I should never be bored.

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Another post

So I'm still trying to get myself to do get in the habit of blogging. It should be easier with all the social sites out there now.
Speaking of which, been on Google + for the past week. It's .... okay. I'm eager to see what it evolves into. At this point though, I'm having trouble picking it over Facebook or Twitter. I don't have a smart phone nor do I use many google sites so the integrations and charm are lost on me. When everyone is already on Facebook, I just don't get much use from Plus. And do I post everything from my other social accounts to this one too now? Is there an audience that I can't reach through the mentioned outlets?
Besides that, still trying to stay optimistic about finding regular work. I'm not putting nearly enough time into my creative practices- mostly due to aggravating attempts to get a semblance of structure to my life. Art= chaos? Whatever the reason, I'm eager to post some work on here for the intarwebs to view.
Wish me luck.

Monday, July 11, 2011

Playing Cards

I just came across this awesome playing card concept by deviant artist Nelde. They need to start making these.

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Hardware vs Software

So I was reflecting with a friend this morning on the general news that came out of E3 this past week. I thought "Hey! This is the perfect sort of thing to put on my nearly empty blog!" So here it goes.

A growing trend, if not already established maxim, is that hardware is taking precedence over most everything else in gaming. It seems the experience of a game is quickly taking a back seat to the raw capabilities of systems. I'm frustrated in seeing machines come out with these crazy attributes, with games trying to play catch up to use them. Shouldn't the hardware adapt to the experience designers are trying to create with their games? For example, the 3DS. It had it's revolutionary 3d abilities....but I haven't heard of a game yet that truly takes advantage of them. There's no game mechanic that screams "I need to be done in 3d!" properly. What's the purpose? It still just feels like a gimmick to move hardware. 3D for the sake of 3D is weak, and rather uncharacteristic of Nintendo. I've always been a fan of the company's work but since they've put all this emphasis on revolutionary hardware, their games have suffered. As my friend pointed out, Epic Mickey was a step in the right direction for Wii games. Nintendo needs more than a Zelda rehash every 5 years (and I love Zelda). I want a good reason for forking over as much cash as I need to for a new device. I don't know about others, but some extra processing power isn't the incentive I need in a game system. Games have become slaves to the system their trying to sell, instead of being the innovative, compelling experience they can be in themselves.
Microsoft seems to be the closest to the right path, just with the very nature of the Kinect and how games are integrated with it. Unlike 3d graphics, a mechanic like body movement seems to have more practical uses. It's still early though, and game designers are still learning how to best put that to use. Feels like we're taking a step back in order to hopefully sprint forward with what we learn. The next Fable project (The Journey) comes to mind. If you're not familiar with Fable, in the past the player as experienced the world from a 3rd person perspective as you explore the world and fight baddies. Now, as I understand it, the character is controlled entirely with the kinect from a 1st pov. You traverse the world from horseback/carriage, snapping the reins and leaning to move.....but you're stuck on the road. No more traversing over open fields or looking behind those trees for that silver key? There's a trade off in the immersion. Waving your arms to cast magic might make more people become more invested in the game experience....but i'd just feel silly. And in order to do that, gamers have to give up the immersive experience of exploration in a series known for it's increasingly rich worlds.
Now I'm not trying to be negative or tell the experienced pro's how to do their job, I'm just pointing out observances and concerns. I miss when games practically sold themselves because of the .....*Gasp* play! Adding motion or 3d to a mediocre game doesn't make it must play.
So to summarize: Hardware advancements are annoying me. There's little point in updating specs until they invest time in game play, that's where the innovation has to be. Stop updating mechanical capabilities and trying to make games to match them, it should be the other way around. But that's just my perspective.
Ok I know I've neglected this for....6 months now. I've yet to get used to the slight possibility that what's going on in my world is interesting to anyone else. Anyway, for my first real post, I wanted to share that I've taken up basic web design and already have my first client! I had almost forgotten how much I like actually being productive with computers, instead of just using them for data entry in an office. It's also great to have something more concrete pushing me to keep learning and have something to show for it. Maybe I'll post links here so anyone interested could see how my endeavor goes.
...That also mean's I'm going to have to put more work into my personal websites. Getting started is always the hardest part.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011