Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Another post

So I'm still trying to get myself to do get in the habit of blogging. It should be easier with all the social sites out there now.
Speaking of which, been on Google + for the past week. It's .... okay. I'm eager to see what it evolves into. At this point though, I'm having trouble picking it over Facebook or Twitter. I don't have a smart phone nor do I use many google sites so the integrations and charm are lost on me. When everyone is already on Facebook, I just don't get much use from Plus. And do I post everything from my other social accounts to this one too now? Is there an audience that I can't reach through the mentioned outlets?
Besides that, still trying to stay optimistic about finding regular work. I'm not putting nearly enough time into my creative practices- mostly due to aggravating attempts to get a semblance of structure to my life. Art= chaos? Whatever the reason, I'm eager to post some work on here for the intarwebs to view.
Wish me luck.

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